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Axiom Nexus
20th-Dec-2011 10:46 pm - [Open Video]
Boss face
...There is little I can say that has not already been said.

For some of us, this place was nothing but a prison, and will gladly be left behind. For others, it has become a home, and to those that are staying, I only have encouragement and hope to give to you.

For myself...this place has been a bit of both. I wish I could say with certainty that I could never forget this place, but given the situation I hope you will forgive me for my lack of confidence in that. But under normal circumstances, I would never be able to forget the people I have met here. The alliances I have forged. ...The friends that I have made.

Without coming here, I would never have had the chance to meet many of you, from worlds I will never see and places I will never go. And in pains me to know that we are unlikely to ever meet again.

...Without Shockwave, without my own obligations, without the rules of the city, I admit, I would be ...tempted to stay as well.

But living here, despite the issues, has reminded me of a Cybertron without war, and that is something I desire beyond all else. Even without the rule of deportation in place, I would go back. I must. Even knowing I may very well forget all I have learned.

I am returning home, like many of you, to an uncertain future. I wish we had the time to leave here our own way, on our own terms.

...But my friends, no matter what comes after this, I wish you all well, no matter where that future takes you.

[[OOC: This post is meant for all of you all just as much. ;^; *sob* Farewell, Axiom.]]
19th-Dec-2011 08:53 pm - [[++006++]] - [Video]
What a piece of work she was
Well, word's been going around, obviously- hard to miss big news like that, really. So for a good many of you, I guess this is...good-bye? I know I haven't spoken to a lot of you, but there's this sort of general feeling, you know, sentiment, between those mistakenly brought here.

I know we don't all ask to be here, but then it's difficult not to have a part of this place kind of....rub off on you, I suppose. Granted I don't really remember much of my arrival here, and when compared to being left to float in space, it's actually much more preferable, I think you'd agree.

...er, back on subject, back on subject.- well what I mean to say is that wherever you're headed after this, Godspeed. Wait, no. That's... -well good luck then. Fill in Cybertronian-equivalent.

Oh but if you, if you do end up staying here, then I, I guess I'll see you around? Maybe? Don't be a stranger. I know you're probably thinking what sort of use is a floating metal ball, ha ha. Could always take a run through the old testing facilities? Eh? For science? That's what She'd say, anyway -or, okay, not... Just forget about the whole science thing. Missing the point again.

So, steering back to it. See you around. Ooooor not. Well, wherever you're headed, you'll always be remembered. Somehow. For some thing. Hopefully positive, but notoriety's become a popular option these days.

[He sighs.]

....not...very good at this, farewells and such. But I do mean what I said, the...ah.

Just...take care out there. Wherever you go, whatever you're doing. It won't be the same around here.
14th-Dec-2011 07:48 pm - [Video]
Get away from me Galloway
[It's Ironhide, in his training center, as he has been so often lately. But this time, he looks pretty sombre. And he starts-then-stops a few times before he speaks, looking off to one side.]

I am staying.

[He's seen the network. He knows what's going on. And he's made his choice. This is right.]

Be in the center, if anyone needs to talk.

[Or say good bye, but he won't say that.]

[His good optic looks into the camera for a moment before he shuts it off. Sure, there's more he could say, there are private messages he could send, but his spark isn't in it.]

[The others have made their choices, too.]
13th-Dec-2011 10:02 pm - [Video]
Uncertain-with regret
So I've been flagged for deportation?

[He laughs, polishing his cannon, carefully setting up autofire weaponry in the tunnels of the Hollow.]

I suppose being an upstanding citizen who adhered to the law was boring, in the long run.

[He pets one of the heads of Cerberus.]

Very well, then.

Come and get me.

[He arms the system, and returns to his throne.]

Fellow Decepticons, it has been an honor.

Old friends and allies...

Fight well. Wherever you end up.

((OOC. I love you all. ;-;))
13th-Dec-2011 07:06 pm - [Video]
[Skywarp is holding an exit visa and man does the bot looked freaked out.]

I... I don't wanna... What am I supposed to do back in my world? Stay in space hiding all alone!?

[Around him there are several bouncing Tribbles and he grabs at them and hold them tightly to his cock pit.]

What about the fluffballs?!

(OOC: I am so sad!! I wish I had more time to RP with all of you. I will miss everyone! And if anyone wants to keep in touch my aim is Sunnysidesgirl06 and my e-mail is Nichole14@aol.com)
12th-Dec-2011 11:47 pm - [video]
[Wing is holding a transparent message flimsy.  Through the surface the official TransTech Authorities insignia can clearly be seen.]

[His hands worry the celluloid edge and when he finally speaks, his voice is shaking.]

Well. [He tries a laugh, but it falters, crackling.]

I guess this is farewell, then. 

[A rapid blink of the gold optics, trying to cover what he doesn't want to think about.]

((ooc: I remember how nervous I was with my very first post here, my very first real RP.  This, I guess, is my last. Thank you for all the good memories and the patience and fun.I learned so much. Thank you for giving me a chance to play Wing. He is a very special character to me.))
12th-Dec-2011 05:13 pm - 002 -- VIDEO
[The face on the screen is calmer than last time, though perhaps still a little unsure of everything that'g going on.]

Okay. [She adjusts her devise, frowning slightly. And, why yes, that is a hotel room in the background.] I guess I should introduce myself properly. Mum raised me better than that.

Well, my name's Carly Spencer. And, back on Earth... [She shudders slightly. This whole 'you're on another planet' thing has still got her freaked out.] I was a curator. Y'know... I organized important events and such.

But now? [She sighs, dragging a hand through her hair.] I don't even know.
9th-Dec-2011 02:26 pm - 2. [Video]
[see Raf, sitting on one of the hostel beds. there's a half-eaten candy bar in sight - someone's been really, really good at rationing their halloween haul.]

Hey, I was curious...I know that most of you are, well, Cybertronian. Or other species. [read; not many humans] But I got to thinking that maybe we're not so different, not with what I've seen around, and...

...well, I was thinking. What do you guys like to do for fun? I've seen Bulkhead play a game they called 'Lobbing', which looked like catch. And I was thinking...maybe we share some other games in common?
Guess who's got some slaggin' nice high-grade which they didn't have to pay a single credit for?

[That grin Skywarp's sporting, as well as the rainbow-iridescent, pale violet energon in the cube he's holding should make it obvious. And before anyone asks, no he didn't steal it! Though he totally could have. It's amazing what you can make people get you even if you're the wrong species by being a pretty girl "princess".]

Pity I don't feel like sharin'!

[There's a pause as Skywarp almost terminates the feed, smirk still in place before he looks back into the feed again, waggling a finger threateningly.]

Hey, Starscream? Fair warnin'; you're gettin' overcharged if I so have to hunt you down and drop you in a pool of this!

[Because slag, the stupid mech obviously needed it. And it's not just because Thundercracker isn't here. Can't run, can't hide, Starscream.]
4th-Dec-2011 08:24 am - [Video]
daylight, considering, ah.
[All right, it's been over a month and not once has Hot Rod commed or come home.  Wing isn't...that upset about the broken statue, really, and he' beginning to get worried.]

Has anyone seen Hot Rod?
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