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Come on. You know the drill by now – there's a weird twisting, and you find yourself in a strange place with no idea how you got there or why.

In this case, however, the people on the other side aren't surprised. You find yourself in large halls of what seems like some nightmarish cross between an airport and a comic book convention – surrounded by strange creatures from every possible universe... and a few impossible ones. Eighty foot Dragons? Check. Spunky (attractive) Mechanics? Check. Giant Robots? Definitely check.

After a mound of paperwork you’re thrust out into the Offworld – a giant multi-level city especially made for ‘guests’ such as yourself. It’s got everything you could ever hope for: good work, good pay, good housing, great food, great entertainment.... except for one fact - You can’t go home. Well, more specifically they’re not going to send you home. Not yet.

And if that wasn't rankling enough, there've been a lot of strange disturbances lately...people vanishing and showing up again with unplanned 'upgrades'...whole groups of residents finding themselves changed by unknown viruses...nefarious elements endangering the lives of citizens- and it looks like you're a target, too.

Too bad no one knows whats going on. Too bad Security can't help you. Too bad you're far from home.

Welcome to Axiom Nexus, traveler.

Axiom Nexus is a panfandom RPG based on the Transformers setting of the same name, which in turn is part of the TransTech continuity line. These canons are copyright Hasbro; this RPG and its staff are not affiliated with Hasbro in any way other than being ridiculous fans who buy too many of their toys.


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